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Handling Meeting Essentials Otherwise Known as Logistics!

It is a universally acknowledged truth that the success of a good meeting is based on two ingredients: Good food and even better internet connection!  Well, not really but those are key factors indeed. As facilitators we have done our research and gathered insights for key needs to ensure successful meetings including things such as outlining key objectives and setting clear outcomes. However this Blog is about the other important stuff – logistics and keeping your team happy.

So……..back to the food and internet connection, having those secured will improve the mood of everyone attending a meeting and provide them the energy to focus on what’s at stake. Sol Sola and Ruth Arbues are a Barcelona-based duo, specialising in logistics and locations to meet your organisation’s meeting needs.

These are some of the insights both Sol & Ruth shared with us while talking about what does “ taking care of the basics” for your meeting actually mean. From Local transport, to checking accommodation, to finding a good working environment, to dealing with all and any team special requests, as well as providing what is crucial for facilitation.

Part of our Associates for Change team (Jo & I) worked with both of them and we appreciated the pragmatic approach these two have, so we wanted to wrap up with tips and advice. If you have energy only to read & remember one paragraph about organizing a meeting here we are:

  • tight and efficient control of every step                                                           
  • proper timing schedule
  • always be ready for the unexpected

If you want to avoid nightmares:

  • avoid supplies you can not fully trust in
  • last minute rush always happen, so keep your agenda slightly flexible
  • focus in fixing, not in blaming

While reflecting on the challenges of the job Sol & Ruth shared that it’s important to be open and  provide the logistics adapted to the organizations needs and criteria, taking into account the multiculturality of participants and the organization philosophy. This applied to dietary requirements, environmental respect and whatever other request that fits the organization mindset.

Want to know more about how to organize a meeting? You can reach out directly to :  Venues4Ideas http://venue4ideas.org/

Main Photo by Arthur Poulin on Unsplash