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Interim management: caretaker support or organisational booster?

Many organisations occasionally need  interim support, whether for a maternity, paternity or sickness cover, or while recruiting a new permanent member of staff. Hiring someone with relevant skills for an interim position can be a great opportunity to get a bit of external input and help refocus your organisation.

Both Jo and Alexandra have recently finished interim management positions at NGOs. Jo was Executive Director at foodwatch Netherlands, and Alexandra was Organisational Communication manager at the Rainforest Alliance. In interim management positions, our years of experience can help organisations maintain momentum while ensuring stability and also to provide insights, interventions and strategic advice with an “inside-outsider” perspective.

Often interim positions happen during a time of transition. Having a neutral person come in and help an organisation move forward through change is beneficial, as many staff will have more emotional responses to these developments. An interim person can help smooth such transitions along, and support staff as they have the opportunity to build real and meaningful relationships with them. Additionally, someone working as an interim may be seen as a safe person to discuss any apprehensions with.

For us, the beauty of working in an interim role is that not only can we give strategic advice – we can help implement it. Many times, as external consultants we’re invited to provide advice, and suggestions, but are not working within the organisation to help implement changes.

So the next time you need to hire an interim support, why not give your organisation a boost – rather than a stop gap solution?  Our advice to organisations would be – when looking for an interim position – think about hiring someone who can also give your organisation some extra strategic support and help with its implementation.

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