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Palavras ao vento

‘Palavras ao vento’  is not only an amazing brazilian song by Cassia Eller, but a wonderful reflection of how some moments and experiences can be captured by the combination of just a few letters: WORDS

How or why is this relevant, you might wonder in our world of urgent issues to resolve, with the daily news overwhelming us, and this insistent hope that we might be able to change things if we try one more time?

I witnessed how powerful words can be during the last media training I ran,  where people spoke five different dialects and several languages to talk about the same issue. They were all willing  to try one more exercise to find their words to connect to each other and their audiences. Those words will carry the urgent message, are able to engage the relevant audience and inspire them to action. Sounds easy? Try again.

We identified Key Audiences, worked  several times on Messages, we Crafted Stories together, and acted as editors of our own journeys. Still there was something missing…

If you ever talked with a journalist or read one of their articles you will notice there is always a story there. When you think of a Story to convey your Message, you can guide yourself by answering certain questions: Who, What, When, Where and Why. Once you have the answers to those questions, there is one final step: this is what some journalists call the “ So What factor”.

There is sometimes a moment of despair when you ask this…  or more like you are ruining a party of thoughts, but for any strategic communications you need to ask yourself the tough questions, challenge your own assumptions and try them out with that person that is crucial for the change you want to happen.

Photo by Marcus dePaula on Unsplash