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Resilient Workshop


The workshop to support people working on societal innovation and change

Resilience, by definition is the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity, have the strength and recovery skills to move forward, as well as the courage and enthusiasm to embrace challenges and change.


The Workshop

Resilient is an interactive learning workshop that introduces participants to the most fundamental practices for building resilience. During day you will discover and explore different tools to master your stress management whilst maintaining your calmness, alertness and engagement. It will provide you with practical knowledge and skills for maintaining your well being, energy and boost your female resilience. You will be challenged to train your mind and emotions for being in flow and better perform. This workshop is about moving beyond surviving to thriving, by giving you the tools to create space to develop talents. Seize opportunities to better care for yourself & others in and out of the workplace.

By taking this one-day workshop you will learn about:

  • Self awareness to asses your own situation and level of resilience
  • An overview of the balances and imbalances in your life
  • Breathing techniques to ground yourself, keep focus, body and mind free from stress
  • Techniques to deal with inner conflicts and build everyday flow
  • Methods to manage conversations to respect your own and other people’s boundaries
  • Tools to enable you to manage your communications skills to be a more inspirational and compassionate communicator
  • Understand the power of EQ and self knowledge
  • Reframe negative conversations into positive ones

Who are we?

Alexandra Dawe – Alexandra is a professional communicator with 18 years’ experience, working as a journalist all the way through to a communications manager. She has been working with NGOs and sustainable business organisations for over a decade, and has been an independent strategic consultant for the past five years. Recently Alexandra has been working more as a facilitator and is a certified Art of Hosting practitioner.
Szabina Mozes – Szabina has worked in the field of media and communications for the last fifteen years wearing many hats as a journalist, spokesperson, PR and media relations specialist and communications
strategist. She has extensive knowledge and network in the international non profit sector as she spent ten years working with Greenpeace and helped in many successful projects across the globe. She is also a certified Motivational and Emotional Intelligence coach and trainer.

Workshop details:
We are holding an open workshop on Thursday 26 April, please sign up here.



Who we like to work with:

Mareike Britten: Particpatory leadership and facilitation

Sue Cowell: Art direction & branding

Seth Carnill: Photography

Dancing Fox: Story telling

Ethics at work: sustainable & inclusive business consulting

Top Social: Connecting charities with top personalities

Noctiluca: Documentary makers & producers

Fundamentals: Fundraising consultancy

Impactrack: Lobby & campaign effectiveness evaluation

Venue4ideas: Organise logistical needs for retreats, meetings or labs