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Vai Pensiero or Let’s Get Loud

Does it ever happen that you had such a clear idea in your head and then… well, it didn’t come out as clearly? Or were you thinking THIS is the sentence that will become a trend, a new catchphrase, (we used to call it  “going viral “ a decade ago) and then nothing happens?

I don’t have the full answer for the second question, there are many clues and options to try, but here is what I know about the first question: How to organize your words matters. So we need to be more efficient, more specific and put more thought into when we need to communicate and how to do that.With that in mind, here are some of the best tested exercises that we use while in media training.

1)Focus, Focus, Focus: on your audience.

Think of whom you need to engage, why they are so important to you and what kind of tone can you use to reach out.  Taking time to reflect on your audience,  will bring you useful insights for your next step. You can be brave, challenge yourself and go beyond “main audience is general public, politicians, influencers”. Go further!

2) Practice, Practice, Practice: your words.

The key here is to try different options:  try your words.

You can write down the message you want to share – it can be a tweet, an insta story, a #hashtag or a full text. Here is a classic radio tip:  once you have your message done : read it out loud. How was it ? How did it sound?  Was there some music to it? Did it felt forced?  Did you struggle a bit or did the words feel “ clunky, not me really”?

If suddenly you are out of breath –cause the sentence is too long- if they sound a bit off… ditch them ! You can be your best editor available: Start afresh, our brain has this super power: if we can’t read our words  in our own rhythm they simply don’t work as we thought.

So, breathe in, make yourself your favourite beverage, and start a new adventure  looking for new words: there is a whole world of them to explore, don’t despair.

3) Platform and Distribution: getting your words heard.

Now that you have your key audience, you can do some research and find out some clues on how to reach them. Is it Insta Stories or more like a radio interview on your main national mainstream station? Are you engaging them once a month or once a year? With this research you will know how to read them in the best way.

Everyone has their own rhythm, their own music, their own way of delivering it. So if you are Latina Pop super star rocking the Super bowl- Let’s get loud, using a hit from last decade to have millions dancing and making a political statement of the reality of your country; or you start with an almost silent choir that remembers what freedom was like and engages everyone Vai Pensiero , Nabucco’s piece – over the last 158 years- that is at the heart of it. Everyone has different styles that move our hearts and make us connect  again.

So let’s create your own music and engage with everyone in the upcoming months.