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What do we do?

We help organisations and individuals reach their full change-making potential. We work with you to clarify your needs and get the best possible outcome. Using inclusive, participatory and tested models and methodologies, our clients evolve, refine and reach their goals and improve impact. Our combined experience allows us to offer an extensive set of services, in multicultural and language settings (projects can be delivered in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian). For more details on the packages we can offer to our clients please contact us.


We bring structure and clarity to meetings and processes, uncover insights and enable sharing of perspectives to reach a successful decision, solution or conclusion. Our expertise as facilitators can help you get through conflict, complexity and confusion, overcome alienation and engage participants in a meaningful outcome. Whether it’s a one-off meeting or a complicated internal process, we can help.


Sometimes teams need to learn together, to ‘up their game’, or to work better in a common framework. With our wide range of skills and creativity, we can help you to refresh, sharpen, go deeper in communication, advocacy, team building, resilience and strategy development. Whether it’s one of our existing programs or a custom-built training, a small or large group, we’re committed to finding effective delivery methods for trainings that really make a difference.

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Strategic communications

Communicate with your audience, with focus, passion and excellence, to deliver clear goals and enhance your reputation. Whether you have short-term capacity problems or need a long range strategy, we offer a full range of help including specific communications products, media relations advice, a social media plan, or a total communications audit and strategy development.

Campaign design and advocacy

Social change rarely happens without a good strategy and effective advocacy tactics. We can help you develop your theory of change, focus your strategy and develop activities to reach your long term goals. Whether working with you (in a small or large group) to hone your plans, or providing external advice and suggestions, we can help you create the change you seek.

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Organisational development

Working in a rapidly changing environment, it’s key to keep organisations flexible and internally aligned to achieve their goals. We can help with a periodic review of functioning, redevelopment of values or structure, or provide advice on specific adjustments to optimise your organisation. We can make sure that your organisation is able to meet its full purpose by looking at its current situation and any future requirements.

Leadership coaching

Professionals of all levels are often grappling with changes. As a result, organizations are in dire need of creative leaders who can guide their colleagues through workplace challenges, help them improve performance, and lead them through career decisions. We design custom made programs that will provide you the insights into the latest techniques and fundamentals of personal development to help you become a leader who can help your team grow and succeed. Through a combination of theory and experiential exercises you’ll develop and fine-tune essential skills to strengthen your team and add value to your organization.

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