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Who are we?

We are dynamic and experienced social change professionals that provide useful solutions to support progressive organisations and people with facilitation, trainings, coaching, strategy and communication needs, to increase their impact.


Associates for Change -  Alexandra Dawe

Alexandra Dawe

Alexandra is a professional communicator with 18 years’ experience, from beginning her professional life as a journalist all the way through to a communications manager. She has been working with NGOs and sustainable & development organisations for over a decade, and has been an independent strategic consultant for the past six years. Alexandra is also an experienced facilitator and certified Art of Hosting practitioner.


Jo Dufay

Jo is a strategist, facilitator, trainer and problem solver who has been a change agent for over 30 years. She’s headed up a national women’s organisation, led global campaigns for Greenpeace, mobilised with Avaaz and worked with groups ranging from the wildly global to the intensely local. As a consultant, she listens, brings clarity and creativity to help groups and individuals solve problems or develop strengths. Jo is a certified teacher of adult learners, and as an Art of Hosting practitioner.

Associates for Change - Jo Dufay
Associates for Change - Szabina Mozes

Szabina Mozes

Szabina has worked in the field of media and communications for the last fifteen years wearing many hats as a journalist, spokesperson, PR and media relations specialist and communications strategist. She has extensive knowledge and network in the international non profit sector. As a consultant she helps teams and individuals to thrive and grow, designing and delivering trainings, coaching teams and private individuals, especially in international and multi-cultural environments.  She is also a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Motivational and Emotional Intelligence coach and trainer.


Natalia Truchi Vera

Natalia has for the last twenty years been working to create a different world and is still at it. She studied Mass Media and Communications at UBA, Universidad de Buenos Aires, was a journalist for many years and then crossed the bridge of news to work with NGOs on campaigns about food security (right to food), women’s rights, HIV and environment.
Working as a consultant she designs and facilitates workshops; does training for social innovation and supports planning for campaigns strategic opportunities.

Associates for Change - Natalia Truchi Vera